Sunday, 13 January 2013

Entrapment Of a Married Woman Saga Ends

A decade ( 10 years) passed since my encounter with my brother. Many drastic events happened in my life. My entire life has changed now as I feared, my brother became addicted to me. I feared going to my home to see my father and mother, when Sree Hari was around at first I tried to resist him and but he was blind with lust. He threatened me of revealing my debauchery to Mukundan through anonymous letters at last.

I had to succumb to his intentions and he fucked me at ancestor home, when I went there to see my father who got ill. He came to me the same night I went there. He came in my room in the mid night after every body were fast asleep. Mukundan was not with me. He fucked me in my room with my child sleeping beside after that incident he came many times at my home even during the weekend to my home. He tried to caress and squeeze my private parts secretly even when Mukundan was around.

He would stand behind me with his cock touching my round bottom, when I was doing some work in kitchen. His ended his lust towards his sister after his love marriage four years ago. I threatened him that I would commit suicide, if he came once more by cheating his newly wed wife. I don’t want to endanger my brother’s marriage life. Later he shifted to United States with his wife. I almost collapsed when I came to know Mukundan cheated me. He kept a secret relationship with one of his female colleague.

They were college sweet hearts and in the course of their life, they separated each other as she is from other religion. Their families did not grant their wish to marry. Mukundan eventually married me but that girl could not forget Mukundan. She remained a sphister. They met at the office when she was appointed as a Zonal Divisional Manager where Mukundan was working as a clerk. Old passion ignited again and they ended up in the bed soon after. Mukundan kept it as a secret even when he became a father of a girl child through her.

One week gap between out meetings in the weekends was helped them to carry their affair smoothly. We engaged in a very bitter argument when I came to know about my cheating husband and his kid. She had not even half of my beauty even Chirutha was prettier than her. She has same body structure as Chirutha big tits and heavy buttocks! But she was a little fairer. Chirutha was jet black. Any man would think why he left me for such a woman. Still Mukundan cheated me for her.

Love was blind and she was his old sweet heart.I came back to my home but the fact remained the same. Mukundan loved me but he was not able to leave his college sweet heart who was his first love and she, who did not marry any other man even after Mukundan’s marriage with me. Mukundan pleaded very much to come back but I was not in a mental state at that time to forgive him but in my deep mind I knew that eventually I will forgive him as I was in love with Mukundan and he was the official father of my two kids.

What are you thinking, darling? I felt wide strong hands encircling me from behind. I was being pulled to a broad hairy chest. I leaned to that strong chest and said nothing Aalim. I was just thinking about our past and don’t think about that. That is a closed chapter. You are no more that Hindu Sree Lakshmi. Now you are our sweet wife ‘Shaheena’ and mother of our four Muslim kids. I will not leave you even if you think of going back to that Hindu beggar who throw you out so mercilessly.

I don’t even think about him, Shaheena. I love you. Don’t think that my love is just infatuation. No, Aamil I am not thinking about that. I will never leave you. I know how much you and Aamil love me and you love did not diminish even after the birth of our three kids and I know all your businesses are in my name. That shows your love and trust towards me. I will never cheat you and never break your trust, yes! I am now the wife of Aamil officially and Aalim unofficially both are very lovable and caring.

Aalim decided that he would not marry another girl. His family protested but he did not succumb afterwards their family also understand the twin’s intention and reconciled. Soon after the quarrel with Mukundan I find solace in the twins. They stand beside me and gave me emotional support at the time of my life’s most drastic crisis. I found them very understandable and they helped me in healing my deep wound. They freshened their offer of marriage after six months of my separation with Mukundan after they confirmed that I some what recovered from my grievance.

They offered to marry me without even converting to Islam and were ready to receive my kids as their own but I was so touched with their caring and love towards me, I decided myself to convert to Islam and it was Aalim who gave me the name ‘Shaheena’. Soon I arranged the divorce and in spite of the protest of my family members, I converted to Isalm and marry Aamil officially. As Aamil imagined, his community and family members were very happy as such a pretty high class Nair woman was embracing their religion.

Divorse formalities completed amicably but court gave the custody of boy to Mukundan and girl to me. Now she lives with me and call Aamil ‘Abbajaan’ and she grows as a Muslim and everybody regard her as our elder kid. I left the habit of going to temple every morning. Now I do 'Namaz' five times a day and read 'Quran'. My father and mother would not even believe it , if they ever saw me in 'black purdah' the way of life i am leading now.

My husbands gave Susan many Crores to release me from her clutches even they had to threaten her of severe consequences, if she would not leave me free at last she succumbed to their money and muscle power. One year after the marriage to Aamil, I gave birth to a beautiful boy and two more in subsequent years but I don’t know who their father is and the twins are least care about that. Leave the past, my dear sweet Shaheena. Please give me another beautiful baby in a year. Let me prepare you for that before Aamil come for doggy. Aalim lift me up like a flower with both hands and started walking towards the master bed. The end

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