Sunday, 13 January 2013

Entrapment Of a Married Woman p12

How he pushed his three fingers inside my ass hole. He then removed his fingers and looked at me enquiringly. He poured some more honey on his 10 inch long cock and spread it with his right palm. He put some more honey inside my ass hole and placed his cock on my rectum. He started pushing it slightly but his cock was so thick; it did not enter into my ass hole. He poured some more honey on his cock and with one fast frantic push he pierced into my ass hole.

I screamed of pain and agony I started crying and in between tears I could see my brother’s face. It was filled with amazement and scare as he could see the size of his friend’s cock and he could not imagine it could enter his sister’s rectum. He looked earnestly at his sister’s face as she screamed of pain, when his friend’s cock was tearing apart my ass hole. It was my first experience. Nobody fucked my ass hole till now. Aamil stopped pushing and stand still to subdue her pain.

It didn’t even enter half way! Slowly the pain faded away and I stopped crying. He then slowly moved to and fro and his cock started piercing inside my ass. It was hurting. I bite my lips to control my cry. He firmly holds my hips and started pulling with his rhythm. His cock was tearing apart my ass and it piercing in and in and after some time he started pulling and pushing my hips frantically. He was making heavy sounds of ecstasy and I am sure Susan has heard my scream and his growling sounds. I could not look at my brother’s face of shyness.

I closed my eyes the splashing sound was being echoed inside the room as Aamil’s crotch was banging on my fleshy ass cheeks. My boobs were hanging and moving to and fro with our fucking rhythm. Aamil moved his hip with lightening speed and with a sudden sound he collapsed on my body, ejaculating all his cum inside my ass. He lay there for some minutes and looked at Hari. His half erect cock now grown up fully, seeing his friend’s action on his sister.

He could not even imagined his homely sister could behave like a bitch and receive a hot cum of a Muslim stud inside her ass. Aamil pulled himself up and pulled me side to lie on my back. He then beckoned Hari, who was looking us come on, destroy your virginity enter her and Hari climbed on the bed, looking into my eyes I could see only lust in his eyes.

How could he do that? Lusting his own sister! I was treating him like a mother through out my life and now he is on my bed, lusting after the naked body of his sister! He squeezed my left boob with his hand. He looked at my reddish vagina. He looked inside my eyes and lay on my white body. I felt ashamed of my degradation. He adjusted himself between my legs. His cock touched my pussy lips. I just lay there and wait for my fate.

He tried to insert his cock inside my pussy but he was trying to pierce the wrong hole. It is his first! He desperately tried many times come on Sree Lakshmi, he is a first timer guide him. He could not even find your hole. He just amazed by your beauty” I heard the sarcastic sound of Aamil I cursed my fate first time in my life, I hold my brother’s cock with my left hand. It was thick and pulsating inside my reddish palm. I placed the tip of his man hood on the opening of my pussy hole. Hari understood the position and with one push he inserted his penis inside his sister’s hole and started moving up and down.

I could see only lust in his eyes. I closed my eyes and lay motionless. He was sucking and biting my breast in ecstasy. He did not last long. He could not control his ejaculation. It burst out sooner. He was shivering as if a wave of hysteria has attacked him.His cock off loaded his full cum inside my belly. All hot semen of my brother was fully received by my womb but I was almost sure that I will not get pregnant as my periods had not yet started correctly and was feeding the child.

He lay on my body with his face between my breasts and cock inside my pussy. I could not even raise my face to see the boys, when they bid farewell to me. I just lay on my stomach, unable to lift my head of shyness. I could not even rise on my bed, as my ass was hurting very much. When I walked, I felt like a duck. I felt like weight of my buttocks have increased very much and I was moving like a duck with my ass split open. Aamil pierced and break my ass virginity.

Susan and Chirutha smiled at me and they must have understood that I had been fucked in the ass by seeing my movements. Chirutha looked at my buttock and then looked at Susan both of them smiled at each other; knowingly. Now they must have understood why I had screamed so loud and I understood that I have opened a ‘Pandora’s box’ by letting Hari fuck me. Now I have to decide carefully, when to be present at my paternal home. I have to go home when Sree Hari is not at home.

It is very difficult and I know and normally every weekend Sree Hari would go home, and I will get time only in weekends. Now I afraid, if I did not turned up in my home, he would come to me at my home and force me to fuck him when Mukund would be around. Alas! My position has been degraded even more.

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