Sunday, 13 January 2013

Entrapment Of a Married Woman p11

I slowly raised my head from her breast to have a look at her beautiful face. All my bold run away from my face. I felt like a hot wind blowing on my face. I could not believe my eyes and it must be a dream! What I am seeing. The woman whose breast I was kneading and licking was my own blood sister! She gave us lot of money recently and now I understood from where that money came. A prostitute! From my own aristocratic family.

They will hang themselves if they ever know that their only daughter is selling her body like a whore. I could see the horrifying look on my sister’s face. Her already white face turned even paler. Sree Hari, you and I heard her whispering. I lay motionless on her body, staring at her. Come on dude, you were doing excellent. I had told you, you would be mesmerized by her obviously, Aamil misinterpreted my facial expressions.

My sister was being fucked by these Muslim studs! They were trying to convert my sister and marry her! They were thinking about impregnate her and making lots of Muslim kids through her!So, it was about her, they speaking about and I was fantasizing about her body, unknowingly! Remove her panties and suck there, Hari and asked Aamil what a bewildering position, I fell into. I thought. I have to suck my own sister’s vagina what should I do?

If I disclose about my relation towards her, I would degrade myself and my sister in front of them. They will not value me any more. What should I do? I looked at my sister’s face under me. I could see an imploring emotion in her face and I slowly lowered my head on her heaving breast, took her left nipple, and started sucking it.

Memoires of Sree Lakshmi

Remove her panties and suck there, Hari” the sound of Aamil pierced my ears. I horrified hearing his voice. My own brother, who I thought as innocent, came to visit a prostitute! And incidentally it happened to be his own sister. He already have seen my naked body, lying on it and kissed it! He already sucked and squeezed my breasts! Now his friend suggests him to remove my panties and suck my private part, which ought to be forbidden to him!

I looked at Hari imploringly. But he misunderstood it. Instead of getting off from my body by giving some excuse, he took my nipple in his mouth and start sucking it. He placed his mouth between my cleavage and start licking it. Aamil kept on giving him directions. Hari moved downwards and inserted his tongue inside my deep naval and started rotating it inside. He seized both side of my panties with his both hands and started sliding downwards.

He looked at my red vagina for a moment and licked it slowly. He gradually increased the pace. An electric current passed through my whole body. He licked my inner thighs keeping on of his hands on my left boob and give my friend a good blow job, Sree Lakshmi asked Aamil and I looked at my brother. I could get a blurred view of my brother because my eyes were filled with tears. He stared at me and slowly lies on the bed and closes his eyes.

I looked at his crotch; he was still on his trousers. I involuntarily unhooked the trouser and pulled it downwards. There was a tent formed on his cream underwear. I closed my eyes and slowly pulled down his underwear. I opened my eyes. I found his cock sprang out from the clutches of his underwear. It was about just 6 inches long, far shorter than the twin brothers but it was thick like a beer bottle.

It amazed her. Her own brother was keeping such a thick cock hiding inside his trouser and I lowered my head to his crotch and tried to take his manhood inside my mouth. It was very difficult to swallow his cock in her small mouth. I licked the red end of his penis with my red tongue and it his penis became thicker. I felt one hand behind my head and pulling towards his crotch. I stunned, understanding that the hands was none other than my brother’s. I opened my mouth maximum and at last it forcefully got inside mouth.

It filled all my mouth and he pulled and pushed my head more frantically and I could feel his base was touching my mouth. I glanced upwards by brother was still keeping his eyes closed and his face reddened of blood rushing on his face and I could feel his cock pulsating inside my mouth. Suddenly he growled loudly and spurt his all cum inside my mouth. I could not retrieve my mouth from his cock as he kept on pulled my head towards his crotch. He did not even remove his hands behind my mouth after he spurt his full load inside mouth.

I had to swallow whole his cum and some of his cum escaped from my mouth and leaking through the left side of my mouth. I felt a hand on my buttocks. Aamil was trying to caress my buttocks and he slides his middle fingers through the crack. I tried to look back but Hari did not remove his hands. I could felt some wetness on my ass crack and Aamil was running his middle finger through it. He pulled my buttocks up and I am now in the doggy style with my mouth around my brother’s penis.

Hari then removed his hands and moved out from the bed and looked at me. I could see amazement in his eyes. He might have fascinated by seeing me in this position with Aamil sliding his hands between his sister’s ass cracks and I could feel some solution was flowing through my ass crack. I looked behind. Aamil was pouring some golden colored solution inside my ass. He then put his mouth on my ass crack start licking it.

I have a strange feeling when his sharp tongue reaches my rectum and tried to insert into it soon I understood his intention. He was trying to insert his middle finger inside my ass!! And it went inside by the lubrication provided by the solution. He moved his finger to and fro and then put one more finger into it. He then removed his finger bring it on my mouth. I tasted it. It was honey!

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