Sunday, 13 January 2013

Entrapment Of a Married Woman p10

Maybe, If happens so, I will also join you to marry her and do you have any problem, brother? No, we are one, buddy. We came into this world together and we will marry and enjoy together replied Aalim. Study well buddy, it is not an age to marry I entered in the conversation between them. Ohh you will also leave the study and thinking about her when you see that woman. replied Aamil.

Exactly agreed Aalim I haven’t seen such a beautiful woman in my life. What a lucky guy her husband would be. How beautiful the kids would be, if we could produce through her and the conversation led into more praising of that woman then eventually they started describing the woman part by part and er long black knee length hair, her milky white body, her round and firm breasts, black mole exactly in between the breast mounts.

The reddish black nipples, narrow hips, round big buttocks, shapy fatty legs, a black mole on her left white thigh, blue veins passing through the breasts and thighs, her eyes, nose etc. I tried to cover my crotch with my left palm. My manhood was jumping up and down. A big tent was formed on my lungi in the back yard of my mind, there was a sling under current of hatred feeling was there, who insulted her family and my religion.

Don’t get embarrassed kid, don’t try to cover your man. I also felt like in your position, when we first see her on Susan’s house. Are we, Aamil? You only heard about her. Aamil released himself in his trouser when he saw her round buttocks which was covered by long silky hair.” Aalim said with smile. Don’t mention that so often, Aalim. I will kill you.” Aamil said in mock anger.

I also started fantasizing about that unknown woman. How beautiful she would be. How her body parts actually looked like. I even started masturbating by thinking about that faceless woman after that incident, I always listened and engaged in their conversation, when ever they mentioned about that women. I heard later from disappointed Aamil that the woman did not agree with their proposal to marry.

She refused to leave her family for them. I developed a strong urge to meet that woman who is an insult to my caste. I always developed a strong erection when ever I think about that woman. The brothers noticed my interest they encouraged me to visit her and try to do some wild things and break my virginity. They even offered to pay my cash to visit her at last I gave my consent to loose my virginity.

Only once I decided to cooling down my curiosity, that’s it. More over I don’t have so much money to spend. I have to study well and support my parents but I felt some degree of guilty to visit a prostitute but the strength of curiosity to see that beautiful woman defeated my guilty feeling and I gave my half minded consent to go to her on one fine Sunday morning.

Aalim had gone to one of his relatives at Malappuram as soon as I gave my consent he gave a ring to his brother and told him about my half minded wish. Aalim told Aamil to go immediately as I might change my mind, any time. What an enthusiasm to lead some innocent one into sin.” I thought with smile in my face.

Aamil phoned some one and talked. He told me to get ready for a nice trip on that day only. I wondered by the speed of moving matters. In the farthest corner of my mind, I didn’t have any expectation that I had to go today itself. I will think over again in the car about my decision, I thought.

The bungalow was very beautiful which was situated in between a rubber estate. It was a secluded house and there was not an immediate neighborhood. We were received by a middle aged woman. She was talking freely with Aamil. He told her about me and she looked at me earnestly. I could not even look at her because of shyness.

Aamil led me upstairs. He made me stand outside the door and went inside a room after some times he came back and asked me to go inside. I was still in a dilemma should I go inside? bWhile I was thinking, Aamil pushed me inside. Go buddy, be a man you will definitely like her as I told you, when see her and I heard his voice behind me.

I looked in to the room aircon was running and the growling sound of it could be heard. He felt his heart beat became louder. He looked at the bed. It was nicely arranged and a woman was lying on it. But I could not see her face, as she was lying sideways facing opposite to me. I looked at her. She was naked except a nice black pantie. Obviously, Aamil had done some work on her body and removed her garments.

What a long black beautiful hair she has! It was lying on the bed beside her golden body. I looked at her curves. Her nice round buttocks and legs fascinated me. What a nice body she has!”, I thought. I felt some movement between my legs ooh, It is raising.” My manhood began palpitating under my trouser. I looked at Aamil who was standing near the door, looking at me. He read my excitement and bewilderment in my eyes.

He walked slowly near me come on, enjoy. I am with you, remove your dress, buddy” whispered Aamil while removing his dress. He removed all his cloths immediately but I could only remove my shirt because of shyness. I slowly moved closer to the bed. The woman was still not looking at me. she laid there motionless. Aamil moved his hand on her naked body and started kissing her necks and back. He ended at her curvy hip and after squeezing her buttocks with his right palm, he stand aside.

He looked at me to carry forward his actions. I touched her smooth curve with my right hand and bring my lips closer to her back. “Oh! What an erotic aroma, she has!” I think. I kissed her smooth white hip and slowly moved upward, to her neck. Her fragrance made me more aggressive. I lay beside her on her back. I moved my hand upwards and it reached on the side of her left breast. I could feel it’s softness in my palm. I pressed and started squeezing it.

It was big and my palm was unable to cover that firm and plump tit. I started kissing the side of her breast. The woman moved and she turned aside and lay on her back. I was lying on her white spongy body. I took her nipple between my pips and started sucking it. Her sweet tasty breast milk started pouring in to my mouth. I was squeezing her left boobs with my left hand.

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