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Entrapment Of a Married Woman p09

He stared at the beautiful face of that woman. He got dumbfounded. His face got moistened by perspiration at that moment Sree Lakshmi opened her eyes to look directly at boy’s face who was kneading her breast like an amateur and drinking the milk which was meant to her little baby. Her already white face turned paler blood running through her face seemed to be drained off. She felt like fainting.

She seemed to perspire and Sree Hari you” Sree Lakshmi whispered at the boy who was laying on her body half naked both stared at each other, unable to utter even a sound.

Memoires of Sree Hari:

I was the only son of my parents I heard many times that I was borne after lot of prayers and pilgrimage by my father and mother. I was born after a long time, nearly 11 years after my ‘chechi’(elder sister) was borne. My parents wanted another child after the first but some how, their desire was not full filled.

My sister was like my second mother. I admired and respected her like my mother. The age difference was the main reason for that. She was my role model when she studied well and got the job in the bank at an younger age, I also decided to study well and aimed to get a better job than she got. So I hard worked a lot and my parents were always happy about this. I became very sad when my sister married off about ten years back.

I was only seven years when her marriage solemnized. We always keep in touch and I was also aware of every moment in their life. I got admission with scholarship in one of the most famous school in Ernakulam, after passing out from the 10th standard. The school was a hub of smart and high class rich parents. I was admitted in the boarding as the school was about forty kilometers from my home and travelling up and down through the heavy traffic in the morning and evening was very tedious and energy consuming.

More over I got a scholarship, so my father could afford to send me in this high class school in the boarding, three students were allotted a single room. The room was big enough to accommodate three people. The room buddies I got were identical twins. One was Aamil and the other Aalim. The first day I understood that they were Muslims as they would do ‘namaz’ five times a day. They were very easy going boys and we became friends immediately.

They were not bright in study and a carelessness is always there in their attitude. They got admission in this school only because of the power of money which their father contributed as donation. They were also spendthrift. They would spend money like water. They even make lot of money by doing some business an addition to the huge amount they get as pocket money from their father in every month.

They do not care about studies as they know they would eventually take over the business empire which his father now look after but they did not disturb me in my studies. They would mostly out of room when I study in the evening they would not wake up till 8’clock in the morning. They were very friendly with me when they came to know that I am a vegetarian, they even stopped eating beef or any meat, when I am with them.

Soon after joined them in the school, I came to know that they are not like the other boys of their age. They indulge in many activities in which only an adult indulge in. I came to know that in many Sundays or when ever they got a chance, they would visit brothels. I tried advice them. But all my effort went in vain and instead they tried to teach me about sex by giving me their erotic books, trying to make me indulge in their conversation about sex and showing me porn movies in their lap top but I always tried to resist.

It was after one year, when we were in plus two, I overheard about a beautiful lady they met in some brothel some times ago. Many times I overheard about that woman, but I didn’t put much interest in that. One day, when I was studying, they started arguing about that woman again. I listened to them unknowingly what they were telling. I will marry her if she gives her consent, even if she is a bit older and you know Aalim, she has been entrapped by that bitch Susan.

She was such an innocent house wife!! She was weeping when she narrated the story to me! Was she? How? Oh! That’s a long story. I will tell you later and we were her first men other than her husband and I felt very sorry for her when she told me about how deeply she love her husband and how bad she was feeling for cheating her husband ooh! I also felt on that day that she was not that kind of woman.”

Then there was a deep silent both brothers were thinking deepily. I know about that woman. At last Aamil break his silent and declared I am going to renew my offer what enquired Aalim. I am going to marry her. I will ask her on next Sunday. I will kill that bitch Susan if she stand in between Declare Aamil but Aamil, It is impossible. I also like her and but she has a husband and a kid and she will not leave them for you. More over, she is a high class Hindu woman and our parents and community will never allow this to happen.

You will be thrown out of house, if you do so even though, I will marry her. If she gives her consent. I will marry her and I am even ready to receive her kids. I want to produce lots of children through her and I will give her love like nobody ever has given but I don’t think she will ever agree even if she agrees to leave her husband, the religion will be a great problem. I will ask her to convert into Islam.

We all are converted I mean our great fore fathers. If she agrees, I don’t think it’d be a great problem to convince our parents and community such a beautiful woman, I haven’t seen in our community and every body would appreciate me, rather, if I convert such a beautiful, high caste Hindu Nair woman into our religion. Argued Aamil enthusiastically.

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