Sunday, 13 January 2013

Entrapment Of a Married Woman p08

You know Sree Lakshmi, They can not make up as and when they wish. They have to make lots of adjustment from the school to come here. I think you have to consider this, I have told them to come. Ok, Sree Lakshmi replied. She liked the boys very much. She would not have consented if he was any other man. They have shown such a vigor and passion when they are with Sree Lakshmi, She would get completely exhausted and satisfied after their every visit.

When will they come? In the noon, I hope by the by Aalim is not coming today. Sree Lakshmi felt a little disappointment as she can not get the twin pleasure from the boys. Any way, Aamil is more passionate than Aalim. He even offered to marry her, if she is ready to convert in to Islam. The only thing is that, mostly he prefers her wide, round buttocks and usually ended up in doggy style with her.

She glanced at the wall clock. It is only 9.30. Plenty of time to complete her sandal bath. She applied remaining paste on her body. She was waiting for Aamil in her silky transparent black night gown. Her white body was clearly visible through the see through black night gown. She always likes to tease those young boys. Aamil came in to the room with a big smile in his face. He kissed on her lips passionately and probing her sweet tongue in side her mouth while caressing her butt with his left hand over her long hair.

He looked in to her eyes deeply what? I aked Sree Lakshmi with smile. You are more beautiful than last time. Ever since I met you, I can not concentrate on my studies. Your beautiful face and body is always in front of my eyes, whenever I open the books. Don’t tease me Aamil! The girls in Ernakulam are prettier than me. Oh no, no body will stand beside you in beauty. He started kissing her neck breast through her night gown.

Where is Aalim? Inquired Sree Lakshmi ooh, he had to go with one of my relatives at Malappuram but he will come in the next opportunity but any way you have to bear two people. Sree Lakshmi looked in to the eyes of Aamil enquiringly. One of our friends has come along with me, he continued. You have to look after him, as he is a virgin. He doesn’t know any thing about sex. We have given theory training to him and I bring him here to give practical training at my own cost.

I think he should loss his virginity to a good lady like you. He said with laugh. He slide off her night gown from her shoulders and make her lay on the bed but he is not a Muslim. He is a Hindu and I don’t know why you people are so innocent in this field. He continues laughing while putting her lips between her milk filled breasts. He removed her bra and under skirt kissed behind her ears. She closed her eyes and she felt the wide palms of Aamil in her breasts.

I will call my friend, give him a nice time Aamil went out. Ummm” Sree Lakshmi murmured. Her eyes were still closed and she was lying on her side facing away from the entrance. Her beautiful back and round buttocks were visible from the door. A young skinny boy entered in the room. Some kind of uncertainty was there in eyes and body language. His movement showed his immatureness and bewilderment for coming to a prostitute for the first time.

Ammil appeared behind the boy and push him inside. Go buddy, be a man. You will definitely like her as I told you, when see her and the boy slowly moved towards the double bed. He could hear himself the beating of his own heart. The light sound of air condition could be heard and a slight fragrance of perfume attached with the aircon spread all over the room.

He glanced at the woman lying on the neatly arranged bed. The first thing he noticed on the woman was her long, thick black hair which was lying aside the white, golden body of that curvy woman. He could not see the face of the woman. The woman with such a body must have a lovely face. Aamil and Aalim would never praise a sub standard woman. He glanced back to Aamil over his shoulders.

Aamil was smiling by seeing his bewilderment and admiration in his eyes come on, enjoy. I am with you, remove your dress, buddy” whispered Aamil while removing his dress to nothing. Boy removed only his shirt because of shyness. The boy moved slowly near the bed and intensely started watching the curves of the woman. Seeing the uncertainty on his face, Aamil took the initiative and started licking the white neck and back of Sree Lakshmi.

Aamil step aside and beckoned his friend. He noticed a tent in the trouser on the crotch area of his friend. The boy touched the smooth hip of the woman and slowly moved his mouth through the silky white back of Sree Lakshmi what a smooth body she has. What a heavenly aroma her body emits. He read in the “Purans’ that the “Apsaras”(heavenly woman) has a fragrance of ‘chandan’(sandalwood) her body odor made him more aggressive in his actions. He climb on the bed and lay beside her. He moved his palm upwards and it reached on the side of her soft breast. He slightly pressed the breast initially then started kneading it.

He placed his lips over that spongy white breast and started kissing it. Sree Lakshmi turn aside to lay on her back keeping her eyes closed and enjoying the nice sensation which this new boy giving. The boy excited very much and took her pink nipples between his lips and started sucking it. Sweet milk started flowing from that big white breast to his mouth while on of his hand was kneading the other breast. He then released the nipple from his mouth and raised his face and look at the beautiful face of which that sweet breasts belong.

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