Sunday, 13 January 2013

Entrapment Of a Married Woman p07

Many months have passed. Sree Lakshmi became mother of a cute baby girl who is fathered by George but nobody doubted about the child’s paternity only Sree Lakshmi knew who the real father was even George did not have any idea about it. She had intercourse only with Aamil and Aalim during the period of her pregnancy. She could not trash the twin’s insistence. Also, there was immense pressure from Susan but the boys were very caring when they intercourse with her.

They did not put much pressure on her belly as it might harm the baby. Susan and George were against her pregnancy, as it will hinder the money flow through her and pregnancy means she is out of business for almost a year but they had to agree with her decision because abortion was not even in Sre Lakshmi’s hands her pregnancy revealed when she was at her home, with Mukundan. She got unconscious when at home, during a weekend and the doctor confirmed her pregnancy in presence of Mukundan.

So abortion without his knowledge was out of question. Her beauty increased many folds during the pregnancy. Susan’s aim was obvious when Sree Lakshmi sees her care towards her during pregnancy. She was their precious catch they can not afford loosing her Susan was very much aware that she will get prettier even after her baby born. She hasn’t told any one that the new baby who she has given birth is half Christian. She wanted to make it her own secret as even revealing it to George may lead to some problem in the later stage of her married life.

Mukundan thinks the cute white baby is his. Sree Lakshmi sometimes feels sad, when she sees Mukundan’s affection towards the child. She would go to the bank daily any one seeing her going to the bank or temple thinks her as an aristocratic Hindu lady. She has ‘clients’ daily but she has been given liberty to take free time at her own will even if her charges were high, any one fuck once comes in every other opportunity they get and she was not always available. She has to weigh many options. She has to keep the secret the only holydays she gets are when she is with her family in the weekends.

Soon after her delivery of her baby, after 2 months, she had to resume the business upon the insistence of Susan. The baby is now stay with her at Susan’s home. Chirutha would look after her when she is at bank or with some client at night. She no more goes to her home in the weekends to meet Mukundan and her boy as travelling with the infant is very difficult and dangerous instead Mukundan would come in the weekends but he did not stay with her as he felt it is improper to stay with some one who is not a relative to him.

So he would come in the Sunday morning and return in the afternoon but he can not come in all Sundays as his job in the railways follows a shift system and he has duty on every alternate Sundays. The Sundays on which Mukundan doesn’t come is a working day for Sree Lakshmi. She has an average three men, morning, afternoon and night, to deal with but she enjoyed every session she engaged with her beauty increased mush after the delivery her already white smooth skins got more smooth and radiant her breast grew bigger and firm with breast milk.

Her bank also got many new customers, as many would come to devour her with their eyes. One fine Sunday morning, after two and half months of her delivery of her new born, Sree Lakshmi was lying idle in the bed. She listened to the “Venkateswara Supraphatham’ which was coming from the nearby temple where she goes every day. She normally would rise up early in the morning around 5.30 but today she just lying thinking about her husband and family.

The delivery of her girl kid was at her home, with her father and mother. Father retired from the Government service and they lead a peaceful life with the pension and income from their coconut farm. Now they have to put their effort to give best education to their only son ‘Sree Hari’ and make him stand on his legs. It is also her duty to support him to get better education. Subsequently, he is the person who has to support the older father and mother.

I must go to my home in the coming month decides Sree Lakshmi. She looked at her baby. She was still fast asleep peacefully what a beautiful girl she is, thinks Sree Lakshmi. In some angle she looks like George. She even has a black mole on her left thigh which was identical with George. She glanced at the wall clock. It was getting ten to six. No men today she made herself free today to relax and rejuvenate her self. She made some Ayurvedic preparations which her mother taught her to massage on her body and face.

She used to do some home made beauty treatment in every Sundays but now it became difficult and she decides to do it on this Sunday. She rise up from the bed and walk to the bath room. She met Susan at the drawing room, reading news paper when she was coming back from the temple. Susan smiled and Sree Lakshmi wished her good morning. She doesn’t like Susan and she is responsible for her bad situation and she felt like in a cage and being remote controlled.

How is the baby? Inquired Susan and she’s fine, she is with Chirutha nobody is coming today, as you wish, Sree Lakshmi what are you going to do today? I asked Susan nothing special and I just need some rest. I want to do some home made medication make money when you are young. This beauty will not stay with you forever. Umm she just glanced at Susan sideways and climbs the ladder to her room.

Bitch, who want to make money? Leave me alone, I am ready to leave every thing at this moment thinks Sree Lakshmi but in her deep mind, at some point of time, she started enjoying the extra marital activity she was leading. She was applying ‘sandal wood’(chandan) mixed herbal pastes on her face and body when Susan came in her room with mobile in her hand. She looked at her golden body for a minute.

Sree Lakshmi, can you postpone your medication for a week? Aamil called me up. They want to see you today. Sree Lakshmi glanced Susan enquiringly. She always disliked that bitch who caused her to fall her in such a nasty situation.

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