Sunday, 13 January 2013

Entrapment Of a Married Woman p06

He was ready to pay any amount to Susan to buy me. When I said, I could not take their offer; they told me that they would definitly come in the next week to fuck me. If they get a chance, they would come in this week itself. I prayed God not to get a chance to come in this week. My body was aching and it will take one whole week to repair the damage they have made up on my body.

Susan gave me one lakh rupee on the same evening. She came in my room at about 7’clock. I was still in the bed. I was totally exhausted and I could not even rise up in the bed. She asked about my health and enquired if I need any medical attention. I replied in negative. She kept the amount on my bed and left. The boys must have given her two lakh rupees to fuck me. She sends my dinner with Chirutha in my room. Now I could understand the meaning of her smile which she showed in our first meeting.

****** ******** ********* ************* *************** *************** ************** ***************

From that day onwards, I became a high class prostitute. I was fucked my many men there after. I found many big personalities in the society in my bed. I found many faces of their personality. Many high class politicians became a regular customer. And I found many have many kinky fantasies. Many of them tried to fulfill their fantasies through me. I remember one minister was trying to tie me up on my bed post and tried to fuck me forcibly. He was around 70 years old! Bit older than my father!! But the poor chap! Susan had to rush him to the hospital in between as he had developed an ache on his heart. He was so much excited by seeing me and was anticipating fulfilling his kinky fantasy.
I discovered many things afterwards. I once found Susan with “Supran’, Chirutha’s son. Susan was giving blow job to the kid.He was studying in 4th standard! I regarded him like my kid. He was also regarding me like his mother. Obviously it was the kid’s maiden encounter. He was not aware of any thing about sex. I could perceive it through his immature actions. I could not sense any rat when Susan called the boy in to her room to help her in cleaning her room. But after half an hour, when I passed across her room, I could hear some vague screaming sound of the kid. I eavesdropped a while and understood that it was the screaming of Supran in ecstasy. It was the kid’s first heavenly feeling through his organ.

I looked through the key hole. Fatty Susan was naked in the upper part and she forcibly held the boy. She was masturbating the boy with her right hand and with her left hand she kept the boy’s right hand on her big breast which was sagging. After a while Susan took his organ in her mouth and started moving fore and aft. The kid obviously was feeling a sensation which was anonymous to him till now. He was wriggling. Some times he was laughing and some times screaming. That bitch was teaching that innocent kid his first sex lessons. I found his pleasure when he ejaculated first time in her life. It was a scene. Susan was moving fore and aft. Suddenly, the kid gave out a loud scream and bend downwards. With a jump he wriggled out from her clutches and started spurting his debut semen up on the face of Susan. Susan tasted some of the semen which fell in to her mouth.

I hated Susan more than ever. She was such a nasty bitch! At this age, what on earth drive her to teach that innocent kid about sexual matters? I know Chirutha was not aware of this. She was not at the home at that time. The entire world of that kid had changed by Susan’s immoral act. I found him many times there after looking at me in some peculiar way. He started behaving oddly when I was around. I noticed that the kid was not behaving as before. I sensed he looking at my boobs and butt when I was not noticing. But I still regard him like my son. I didn’t encourage him. I always kept him at a distance there after.

I was being controlled by Susan and George. Susan was more assertive than George. But George was not around so often. I think he was canvassing the client while Susan, hunting the prey. George came to my bedroom one more time. But his intention to have intercourse with me failed because I didn’t want to fuck that ugly man who drove me in thisw disgustful situation. I strongly protest even to touch me. I threatened him to commit suicide if he touches my body without my consent. He succumbed. He was not able to leave me as I was their precious catch. There after he did not dare to come near me. He behaved me with respect there after. Even Susan behaved me with respect.

But my theory about the mobility of the old man’s semen proved wrong. George’s sperms travelled the whole way from my vagina and reached my fertile womb. I became pregnant by that old sperm. It was the destiny. Otherwise how could the old George semen reached my uterus in a single fuck. My young husband tried number of times to get me pregnant. All his hard work proved futile while a single fuck by the old man made me pregnant. Now I am a mother of two children- one boy and one girl- Obviously, the baby is fathered by bald; pot bellied and fat George who is a Christian.

But Mukundan is not aware that the girl child is not belongs to him. Still he truly believes the child is belonged to him. The kid has many resemblances with George. She has got the nose and ear of George. Even Mukundan would have started doubting me if he once came and meet with George.

George and Susan kept their words. Still the whole world thinks I am a good Hindu Nair mother and a ‘Pativrata’

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