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Entrapment of a Married Woman p05

Susan continued; “They were waiting for you to have a look. They are very much impressed by you Sree Lakshmi. They were ready to pay any amount for you. Any of my girls have never ever got even half of this amount. Even Leena got only twenty thousands. Both boys liked you so much Sree Lakshmi.

We never give a girl to any one to keep permanently. Other wise they would have kept you as their mistress. I could see their hard on through their jeans while looking at you. They praised you a lot. I think one of them even ejaculated inside while you were climbing upstairs. I noticed his crotch part of his jeans wet, while watching you climbing the stairs.

He was praising endlessly about your long hair and round buttocks. Even now, he was talking about that though phone. So that’s why they were devouring her body like that. Thought Sree Lakshmi I sent them unanswered of your availability as I was not sure of your mind. They spoke many times in the last hours to know about your consent.

They were even ready to pay more than two lakh for you. But as they are our regular customer, I told them to pay only one lakh. While George was in your room, I informed your availability on tomorrow. They were very happy hearing your consent. They might come with many present for you, I hope”

So both that young Muslim twins are going to come on tomorrow to fuck a high caste Hindu mother of 29 years who has an young brother with the same age. Sree Lakshmi laughed at herself! What am I doing, fucking with Muslims who always think nasty about hindus and believe in fucking or raping a hindu woman would make Allah forgive their sins and open the gates of heaven.

She heard about their circumcised penis and the power of their cock and two of them are coming tomorrow to waive their sins by shagging a Hindu high caste woman. Take leave on tomorrow, Sree Lakshmi. They will come around 11’clock as they can not get absent from their boarding at night. Give me an application for leave. You need not go to bank tomorrow.

I will go and give in your bank, Good night, Sree Lakshmi. Sleep well and her words do not sound like a suggestion, rather it sounds like an order. I lay motionless on the bed thinking about my transition from a conservative wife to a high class prostitute. I could not believe all these happened only in a coupe of hours. Only after 4’clock on the same day. She looked at the wall clock; it was only twenty past ten.

Monday was not a good day for her. She thought about her husband and kid with heavy heart and slowly slipped in deep sleep as usual, Sree Lakshmi rose up early in the morning and bathed. Usually she goes to temple after that but she felt dirty and with this dirty body she doesn’t felt he has the morality to enter in a holy place

She put on ‘kumkum’ on her forehead as it intends to increase the life of her husband as per hindu belief at about half past nine, Susan came in her room with a black coloured sari and matching blouse. She gave it to Sree Lakshmi and said; wear this sari Sree Lakshmi, it would suit you very much. I don’t use it any more as the blouse does not fit me. I put on much weight in three years, you know after she left the room,

Sree Lakshmi took the sari in her hand. It was a costly black sari with lots of stone works. She noticed that the sari and blouse are very transparent and it would show off her body shape very much. She started wearing the sari. After completion she looked in the big mirror in her room. She felt ashamed of wearing such a transparent dress.

She doesn’t have so transparent sari in her cupboard neither she ever wanted top wear. Her white body was clearly visible through the sari. Upper part of her white breast was seen bulged through the black low cut blouse. Most of her white coloured back was naked because of low cut. Her deep naval and milky white flat stomach was visible through the black transparent sari as the sari stick to her body, it clearly

Showed her curves and bulges instead of covering it and she never did wear such flimsy cloths in her life and she ashamed of herself. She was still sitting in the room when she heard the sound of a car. She made out from the sound that the passengers were that twins who came lusting after her.
Diary of Sree Lakshmi

I was sitting on the bed when both brothers enter into the room. Both were tall, identical and boyish. They both dressed up in similar coloured jeans and t-shirt. “Do they have same testes also! I wondered. They are white in color and have a boyish innocence in their face. I felt deep shyness. At this young age they have come to shag me.

My first night on my marriage day with Mukunadan was flashed through my mind. It reminds me of my shyness on my wedding night while waiting for the arrival of Mukundan. I stood up and stay motionless. I could not raise my head of shame to look at those young Muslim boys who were standing in my room devouring my body with their lustful eyes. Both boys came near me and were standing on my both sides.

I tried to raise my head but I could not. I felt ashamed of my situation. Hello it was the boy on my left. I glanced through my corner of my eyes. He was staring at my big round white boobs through my blouse which was visible on the left side. Hello, I replied.

You are very hot and sexy Sree Lakshmi! The other boy on my right side said. They know my name. They addressed me ‘Sree Lakshmi no suffix! I am twelve years older than them! I glanced on my right. He was looking at my midriff and buttocks. I saw him wriggling and found a tent in the crotch part of his jeans both boys looked at me with their 'killer eyes' and ravaged my body with their eyes.

I am Aamil and he is Aalim. He said. You are married, aren’t you? I felt ashamed I can see your “mangalsutra’ and kumkum on your fore head hmmm I could reply only with that groan. I looked at my mangalsutra it was lying between my cleavage and the boy was devouring my breast. No, it is not good wearing this mangalsutra’ and cheat my husband. I tried to remove through my head.

Keep it around your neck, Sree Lakshmi, we‘d like to fuck a Hindu married woman with her holy mangalsutra around her neck. I stopped removing it what should I do? I am letting down even my religion. Should I have to sex with these boys at the same time? I wondered Aalim came near me and without having any hint, he lowered his lips on my breast and kissed between my white breast where my ‘mangla sutra’ lying.

He removed my pallu from my shoulders and started licking the top of my naked breast. Aamil started removing his t-shirt and jeans and stood in his jockey under wear. I could find a huge bulge in the front of the underwear. What a huge tent. How big his cock could be. I could not believe my eyes when he removed his last fabric through his legs and tossed it aside.

Can a boy of this age could have such a big cock! The boy with such a slender body has a monster cock between his thighs! It must have about 10 inches long and thick like a wrist of a body builder. I noticed that his cock was circumcised and the head is reddish and pinkish mixed color.
Aamil pushed me onto the bed He crawled quickly up and started removing my sari and underskirt. In a minute I laid on the bed only in my blouse and panties. Meanwhile Aalim also got naked.

They are identical in their body also. I think. They were also thick and about 10 inch long. Aamil start unhooking the blouse. In another second he slide offs my blouse exposing my black silky bra. He then rolled me on to my stomach rolled down my panties and removed it. He sniffed my long black hair which was lying covered my white buttocks. He then pushed aside my long hair and was watching my soft buttocks intensely.

He then started rubbing his cock on my buttock. At once I could feel some wetness on buttocks and legs. Oh! I could not believe! He ejaculated while rubbing his cock on my buttocks but his cock did not soften. It was still erect as strong as an iron rod. Aalim rolled me on my back and he spread her beautiful legs of this sexy married white married hindu.mother.

Aamil put his huge cock in me mouth and started pushing it inside but I could not swallow even half of his length. His huge white cock between my full red lips glistening with my saliva. He flexed his black teenage hips back and forth fucking my red married mouth. I cried in pain as Aalim pushed his gigantic cock mercilessly inside my wet pussy.

My pussy slowly adjusted with the length and size of that cock and I start enjoying that erotic sensation between my legs .He pushed in and out frantically as if world is going to end in few minutes. His huge teenage cock going further and further up into her. By constant pushing by Aalim my head went out from the bed and it hang down from the side.

Aamil took this opportunity to push his cock further inside my red and moist mouth. He stood on the floor and pushed his cock deep in my hanging mouth. He could push in two third of his huge cock in my mouth and I felt gagged. I felt suffocated. Oh, These muslim studs are like animals. They keep on ravaging my pussy and mouth alternatively.

For God’s sake, don’t come inside me Aalim please I feared he would ejaculate his fertile virile young cum in my fertile womb. If happens do, I would definitely become preganant from these Muslim studs. I didn’t want to become pregnant by these Muslim cocks. I want to deliver a baby of my husband ok baby, I will not Aalim was telling while kept on pumping frantically in and out of my hindu rosy pussy.
aaaahh at last

Aalim removed his cock from my cunt and started spraying vigourously on my vaginal area and white stomach. His muscles on his ass continuously flexing and relaxing with the shooting of his semen. It’s force was so strong that it reached up to my face and even to the cock of aamil which was fucking my mouth. He then called his brother while moving to my head.

He rubbed his cock on my mangalsutra which was lying on my breast. He then moved his cock into my mouth . I started licking off his remaining cum from his penis. His penis glistened of the mixture of his own cum and my saliva. Mean while Aamil was damaging my cunt by rampaging my pussy with his huge cock.

Oh! What an experience it was. Two young Muslim huge cocks made my vagina sore. Even my tonsil was paining of the ravaging by two muslim cocks. My body was covered with smelly white cum of these two young muslim boys. They fucked like kittens. They never got tired. One after another they kept on pumping my pussy from different positions.

Aamil fucked me twice in doggy style as I imagined he liked my buttocks very much. Now I understood about whom Susan talked about. Aamil had ejaculated in his jeans by watching her back when they visited the house to assess Sree Lakshmi both boys kept their words. They didn’t come inside me as promised. They kissed my red lips passionately before they left at 4’clock.

Aalim gave me a golden chain and Aamil given me a bangle with diamond embedded before they left the bed room. They kept on telling me, how beautiful I am. Aamil even told me that he would marry me if I gave him my consent and ready to convert in to Islam. He was ready to pay any amount to Susan to buy me. When I said, I could not take their offer; they told me that: they won’t take my No for my answer.

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