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Entrapment Of a Married Woman p04

You might have heard about Leena. She was also married and has a good family. She came here three years back on legs and went back in an ‘Innova. She is nothing in front of you. She is like a charcoal comparing with you. Still she made lots of money. She is still making it in new place by working with us. Job in the bank is now like side business to her.

This beauty will not stay with you for ever, Sree Lakshmi. Make use of it when it is available. It is also not about money. You can enjoy and get sexual pleasure by mate with different types of men. Sree Lakshmi sighed in desperation. You trapped me. Please don’t treat me like that, we will treat you like a queen if you follow us. We had to use this trick just because of you. Susan tried very hard to divert your mind.

She talked about sex, debauchery and making money whenever she got a chance. She did all this to understand your mind. But you behaved against our wish. You threatened to leave her. But we can not leave such a sexy woman like you. You were our precious catch. We did not have a beauty like you. We can make heavy amount using you. We do have young girls but even they will not stand in front of you.

So Susan cried, implored not to leave her and you did what Susan wanted. From that day we planned to trap you. We set up spy cam in your bathroom. You did not suspect any thing when we place a pot plant in the bathroom. We instructed Chirutha to get closer to you and seduce you. You fell in her sad story and tears, which was earlier than expected.

So we could not film those scenes. But once Chirutha told us about this, we were sure that Chirutha can sex with you at any time afterwards. So we installed five spy cameras in your bed room using your absence on Saturday and Sunday. You were with your husband at home. You might remember when Susan phoned you on Monday morning to come straight to house from your home but you derailed our plan.

The camera catches images only in day when light is available. We afraid you might find out the cameras if our plan extends longer. So we decided to execute our plan in the same night. Chirutha came in your room fully naked while you were sleeping. She switched on all lights in the room and kept it on through out and the rest you saw on the television. I am sorry, but we had to manipulate like this.

We did not have to try anything to Leena. She fell easily in Susan’s words and it was Susan who initially seduced her. But you were very hard. Sree Lakshmi wept silently. She felt like the whole world is spinning around. Images of her husband and kid flashing in front of her eyes. Can’t I escape from them? Don’t cry Sree Lakshmi, nobody is going to know about you.

She felt his big hands on her shoulders. He was standing in front of her. Her face was just in front of his big belly. He was standing about one and half meter away from her. But his belly was just inches away from her rosy lips. He started caressing her shoulders. He slowly slides his finger on the back of her white neck under her long hair.

He slightly pushed his hand downwards through the space between her back and gown and finally touches the hooks of her black bra. Her face touches his belly. He unhooked the bra from behind and he pushed his other hand down through her neck and big cleavage and finally cupped her right breast under her bra. ‘Oh what a white mount she has, delicious. It felt like soft sponges. He started kneading the other breast under her bra.

His bald head shined. With other hand he holds her neck and raises her face upwards. He removed his specs and through it on the bed and slowly lowered his face to her lips. He tastes salty as he understood this was because of her tears. “Oh! How delicious her rosy lips are. He sucked both her lips with his fatty mouth, inserted his tongue into her mouth and tried to find her tongue.

Their saliva got intermingled. Sree Lakshmi felt disgusted. George tried to remove her gown. He finally torn it off and he himself removed his t-shirt. Oh how disgusting. What a body he has! She cursed herself and she cursed Susan in her mind. This ugly man is trying to explore her body and he is now squeezing her milky white boobs with both hands.

Torn parts of her cream coloured night gown were flying around with wind blowing from the ceiling fan. He held her right hand in the wrist and placed on his crotch. It was throbbing under his Bermuda. She tried to remove her hand from the bulge but he forcefully guided her hands through his Bermuda and placed it on his naked cock. Sree Lakshmi realized that he came prepared in the room with no underwear beneath that black Bermuda.

She closed her eyes. She tried to remove her hands as if she got an electric shock. But with his strong hand she pressed her palm on his dancing cock. She felt his cock was wet with pre-come. It was only 6 inches and it does not suit such a fatty man like him. He removed the bermuda and stand naked with her white beautiful fingers around his manhood.

He forcibly slided the foreskin back with her hand started masturbating with her hand. After some times, he tried to push her head downwards. She understood his intentions. She tried to free herself from her clutches. But she could not. He keeps on pushing her head downwards and finally it reached just inches away from his crotch. She did not open her eyes.

She could smell sweat and salt of his pubic area. He then pulled her head towards his crotch take it in your sweat mouth, my dear take it uttered George. He kept on pressing her mouth on his cock. She did not open her mouth. Her lips brushed on his cock and he kept on pressing her face inside. Sree Lakshmi got suffocated. She could not help but open her mouth to breath.

George’s 6 inch manhood finally find its way inside a salivary mouth. His cock finally engulfed by red lips. She opens her eyes. Oh! What a disgusting his heavy belly rested on her head. He tried to push his cock fully inside. He started pushing and pulling her head. His cock was glistened due to her saliva.

It was nice scene as red and full lips of a beautiful, white woman of 29 encircle a 6 inches cock of a pot bellied middle aged bald man of 53 years but George could not watch that scene as his belly blocks his view downwards. He closed his eyes and feels the pleasure resulting from her red lips and mouth.

Tears streamed down through her beautiful rosy cheeks. What a degraded position she fell into. A beautiful conservative mother from an aristocratic high cast family doing blow job of a fatty, pot bellied bald Christian man, who is old enough to be her father. She left everything to her fate.

He then pushed her on bed and for a moment he looked at that 28 year old angel, old enough to be his own elder daughter. He brushed his lips with his tongue watching such a divine beauty lying on the bed what a beauty, what a beauty, he uttered. He has not find any other woman as beauty as this.

He felt en electric current passed through his body as watching Sree Lakshmi’s golden coloured body curves, blue veined big breast with black areola, slender hips with deep naval , big soft buttocks shapy leg blue coloured veins were also visible in the inner thighs. He took one of her breast in his mouth and sucking it. He licked in her cleavage over her ‘Mangalsutra” which was lying in between her golden mount.

He pushed aside her ‘mangalsutra. His other hand traveled downwards and slides her panties downwards and removed it through her legs. He then put his middle finger inside her clean shaven vagina and started fucking her. Finally she started responding to his works. Her pussy got moistened by flowing juices. He took both her red lips in her mouth and start sucking.

He then climb out from the bed, standing on the floor and pull her outwards and he laid her on her back at the edge of the bed and took her both beautiful white legs in his fat hands. He then moved between her legs and spread them apart. His big pot belly was just above her stomach. His pushed himself forward as his cock reached just inches away from her rosy moist cunt.

He hold his cock with his right hand direct it to her leaking pussy. Sree Lakshmi lay motionless across the bed keeping her eyes closed. With one slight move, George inserted his cock inside the moist red pussy of that young nair woman, who has the same age as her elder daughter. He closed his eyes and started pumping in and out.

He could not see his cock sliding in and out of that rosy cunt lips for the first time in his life he cursed his fat pot belly. Sree Lakshmi was crying in pleasure. George, with his both hands was holding her both ass cheeks and kept her hip raised to enable him for easy access in her cunt. His palms could not be able to cover even half of her ass cheeks and he felt they are as soft as rubber balloons with warm water filled in it.

He increased his pumping rate and started grunting. His face moistened with sweat. His small cock moved like a piston in her tight little pussy. His body stiffened and his groan became louder. He pumped forcefully for the last time and then he stands motionless with eyes closed. With that final hard inward thrust and a sound of extreme pleasure he kept flexed his fat muscular ass cheeks.

I was unloading his aged cum deeply into me. His body was trembling in ecstasy as he ejaculated his full load into her sweat, fertile young pussy. He collapsed on the bed beside her, drenched in sweat with one hand on her breast cupping and kneading. Some semen was oozing out from her vagina lips.

George dressed back in his Bermuda with T- shirt and Sree Lakshmi was still lying on the bed. She covered her body with a bed sheet and was crying bitterly. Now she really became dirty for her husband. More over, George ejaculated full load of his semen into her fertile womb. These days were her fertile period and she was keeping her fertile womb for Mukundan for their second child.

She comforted herself thinking the chance of her pregnancy is almost nil because as the bald man is older, the mobility of his sperm must be less and therefore will not be able to reach her fertile egg in her womb. George was about to leave the room, when Susan entered. She looked at George and he smiled gleefully. Susan smiled back understandably.

I understand that you decided to be a millionaire. Don’t worry Sree Lakshmi. I assure you that the other will never know about all these. All your activities will remain a secret. Trust me , we will make you a rich woman. Sree Lakshmi looked Susan imploringly. She stopped crying and she felt some kind of detachment. She is a dirty woman and she does not deserve Mukundan but she loves her husband.

She wants to live with him and their children in their own home. She continued staring at Susan with a blank look. Susan continued, you are lucky Sree Lakshmi. You are already booked for one lakh. I am sure you did see that young boys who were in the drawing room when you came back from the bank. They are twins studying in plus one at a school at Ernkulam. They are sons of a multi billionaire Muslim who has big businesses in gulf.

They have tons of money to spend. They are my regular customer. Leena made lots of money from them. Sree Lakshmi stared speechless. Twins studying in plus one! They are so young, must have the same age as her younger brother. Her brother is also studying in plus one in Ernakulam. Searching for sexual pleasure at this young age and they are spending money like water!! Sree Lakshmi could not believe her ears.

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