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Entrapment Of a Married Woman p03

I waked up suddenly as I felt am sandwiched and some thing was lying on my body. When I opened my eyes I found the light was on and Chirutha already naked on my bed licking and sucking my red nipples what? Get off from me Chirutha and tried to rise from the bed but Chirutha pinned me forcefully on the bed while kneading both breast with her firm black hand.

My night gown was already open and some how chirutha removed my bra. I could see my bra lying beside me in pieces and a scissor was also lying beside it. Chirutha climbed on top of me, lowering her head between my 36 C inch breasts, she began to kiss, and lick each one of my tits in turn. She began to suck it like a child sucking her mother’s breast.

Chirutha moved her mouth from one nipple to the other, sucking each one in turn with a hungry passion. I tried to resist but all went in vain. She began to bite at my hard nipples, gently at first and then harder and harder. I was in heaven as Chirutha sucked and chewed on my nipples in turn. I felt some heavenly emotion filled my body and my resistance being evaporated off.

Oh! What a force full attack was that. My whole body jerked many times. I forget about the ugliness I felt for Chirutha the other day and started enjoying her finger fucking. We fucked like cats. Her long and powerfull tongue traveled every inch of my white body. Chiuruitha started biting my body parts, my thighs, breasts, buttocks, neck, lips etc. She wrestled me forcefully. This was different. It was different from the first encounter.

First encounter was smooth. But Chirutha became a wild tigress this time. She fucked me with some authority and I could not protest her. She forcefully made me lick her cunt and breast. She put all her fingers except thumb in my cunt and fucked me to heaven. She even made me cry in pain, when she byte my swollen cunt lips.

I got scared when I found a long and big banana in her hand. She then started inserting it in my juicy cunt. She then move it forcefully inside and out of my vagina while probing her tongue in my mouth. I cried in ecstacy, and I fear if Susan or George might have heard that.
Retold by Author:

They fucked nearly two hours and both lying on the bed totally exhausted. Sree Lakshmi’s body was in pain as many of her body parts were bitten by Chirutha. Shefelt all her bones were broken. Sree Lakshmi felt some one was watching them. She once felt like Susan was suddenly vanishing across the door like a flash again she did not go to bank the next day. She took leave in the next two days, as she could not show up her swollen lips and scratch filled neck and stomach to the out side world.

She explained Susan that some insect had bitten her when she was in sleep last night. George joked about it saying that even insects infatuated with her and tried to kiss her. In two days, her lips got cured and again went to the bank with her beautiful face on that week end also she did not let Mukundan to fuck her. She was sure, if she got naked in front of her, he would get suspicious. He would definitely find out bite marks and scratches on her body parts.

She pretends as if she was in her menstrual cycle in those two days on Monday, when she came back from bank, she found two young boys , both looked identical, were sitting in the living room. They were talking with Susan. As Sree Lakshmi enters in to the living room, Susan looked at the men. They were staring at Sree Lakshmi. Their eyes shined as they looked at such a beautiful, voluptuous white woman.

One of them was staring at her beautiful long hair, which was covering her whole full buttocks. They looked back at Susan and smiled approvingly. Susan also smiled back. Sree Lakshmi could not make out why Susan keeps such disgusting young friends. She briskly went in to her room to freshen up. After five – ten minutes the she heard the men leaving the house on that day, after dinner, while Sree Lakshmi was preparing her bed for sleep.

Susan came in her room. She surprised seeing her, as Susan would never come in her room after dinner. Sree Lakshmi enquired about it. Susan face replied with a slight smile, there is something I want to tell which really is helpful to you what? I know you are having some financial problem in your home. You don’t have house of your own do you? Ya, we are trying to buy one house. Now we are living in a rented home have you seen any house to buy? We searched many but cost have sky rocketed in these days.

We can not afford such big praises right now. I can help you in buying one house for you how? I have you seen the boys sitting in the living room when you came back? Oooh yes, are they real estate agents? Oh no, but they can help you to buy a new big home. They are sons of a multi billionaire. How can they help me Sree Lakshmi’s eyes narrowed? They can help you financially; if you could give them some favour Sree Lakshmi became suspicious.

Susan continuedthey liked you very much, they will give you thousands of rupees if you could spend a night with them Sree Lakshmi reddened. She got angry what on earth do you think I am. I am a house wife and have a loving family; I love my family very much. I won’t ever cheat my husband. She fumed how you could utter those ugly words to me.

You are such an ugly woman I should have known about you earlier, when you talked about that nasty stuff on the other day. You nasty bitch Sree Lakshmi felt like she is standing in fire. She could not get any word to speak in her excitement Relax, Sree Lakshmi relax I am helping you out. I know you are in short of money to buy a house.

You can help your husband financially. Your husband never knows about it. I can assure you. Also you can enjoy a lot. Look at me. I earn lot money and enjoy a lot. Look at my home, how big it is. You can possess one also Leena made lot of money with me in this way.
No, I don’t speak to me. I will leave you early in the morning. I will not live with you, you pimp. Now I know how you make money where you are going and why you have so many male friends.

You pimp; I will not cheat my husband enough! You are also not as innocent as Sati Savitri. I know what you did in the last week with Chirutha.
Sree Lakshmi shocked. So Susan did see her encounter with Chirutha. But she pacify herself, even if she know about it, it will not affect her but I will not stay with you. I will not do what you said I don’t make hasty decisions, Sree Lakshmi. Do want to see your cry in ecstasy? Do you want to see your naked body on top of an ugly black woman? Do want to see a dirty black finger fucking you?

Susan took out a CD and put it the CD player in the room. Sree Lakshmi shocked seeing at her images running in the television screen. First scene shows her entering her attached bathroom. She was standing with her back facing the camera. Then she started removing her clothes at last she got naked but her naked body was not visible because her long free hair was blocking the view till back of her knee.

She then turned around and her full breast was in full view. There was lot of bathing scene inside the CD. Obviously, Susan had installed a spy camera in her bathroom. Then came the sex scene with Chirutha. She watched the movie in horror and with tears in her eyes. At that moment Chirutha came inside the room. Sree Lakshmi looked at her and she could see a slight smile up on her face.

Chirutha knows about all these! She noticed in video that her first intercourse with chirutha was not there. Obviously, that encounter was not planned. Even though, chirutha had been trying to trap Sree Lakshmi, she fell into her accidentally and they could not film it. There second encounter was well planned. The pictures in the television were from different angles.

She also noticed that whole lights in the room kept switched on, which she never does. She keeps only one light on in normal use. She remembered that she switched off all lights in the room, before went to sleep. Trapped, think Sree Lakshmi, she felt like sweating and fainting I got entangled in a big sex racket! What did you decide? Asked Susan Sree Lakshmi stared blankly on Susan.

She sat on the bed bend forward keeping her head in her both hands and weeping. She was sure and she is in a trap. Decide fast, other wise this video will fly around in the internet and we will send one copy to your husband. She left the room, leaving the door opened. Sree Lakshmi sat dumbfounded. She felt dryness in her mouth. Her recent past flashed though her mind.

She cursed the ill-fated moment when she first met Susan. How nicely she talked with her. How she manipulated her to this dreadful situation. Leena was also traded herself to make money? She remembered Susan mentioned something like that. I was she also trapped like her? What did you decide? Sree Lakshmi woke up from her thoughts and saw George, walking through the door.

He walked in near her are you going to make money or planning to do some thing else?, Suicide is not your option, I hope. And don’t try to run away; don’t force us to malign you. We don’t like that. We only think of helping you out and upgrade your financial situation. She looked dreadfully at the bald man. His head was shining like a mirror by reflecting the white light of fluorescent lamp.

His black hair on ears was prominent comparing with his bald head. He was wearing a Bermuda and a black t-shirt. T-shirt does not suit him with that heavy pot belly, she must not opt t shirt even at his house. Sree Lakshmi felt disgust towards this bald man you also knew all about this! George sir. Please help me sir. Please tell your wife to leave me. I can not cheat my husband ya. I knew but I can’t help you out.

I can not intervene my wife’s area of business. She recruites while I find the clients. He scanned her body through his specs with his brown eyes. His lusty eyes passed through the curves. At last his eyes focused on her 36 C white breasts. She dressed with a transparent cream coloured night gown. Black bra under it was clearly visible and her milky white cleavage was really an eye catchy.

What an excellent catch” thought George. Susan captured really a beautiful fish this time what a lucky guy her husband is. Woman like her must not be constrained to one man. They should be kept in a temple as a ‘devdasi. Any man, seeing her will pay any amount just for an hour. Many top heroines will never stand near her in beauty. What a beautiful face even with that red eyes and swollen face.

I am going to make lot of bucks using this sexy woman for years. Many men will pay good money for her even when she reaches at 55. Sree Lakshmi try to cover his transparent breast part of her night gown with both her hands, what a situation I landed up cursed Sree Lakshmi. She could not have imagined about this situation a couple hours ago.

Please leave me alone, sir. I am like your daughter. I have the same age as your daughter. I have a husband and a kid. We both are from very respectable families. They all will suicide if they ever come to know about this. Please sir, Sree Lakshmi implored. I don’t cry Sree Lakshmi; nobody will ever come to know. You can be a millionaire, if you follow our instructions. You might have heard about Leena.

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