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Entrapment of a Married Woman p02

one month after her shifting with Susan, her husband George came. He was standing in the living room, when Sree Lakshmi enters. Mr George was a middle aged man of about 55 years. He was a big man with big belly and bald head. Gray hair on his head is limited to the side periphery but he has full of black and gray hairs on his ears and his whole body was covered with bear like hairs.

His hands were covered with black and gray curly hairs. Sree Lakshmi immediately understood that this was George, as he was always a character in the talks with Susan. Susan always elaborate their sexual encounters with George in older days, how hairy he is, how he licks the cunt of Susan, how he enters in to her etc. All these details flashed through her mind when she saw him but she has little doubt how he enter in to Susan with that big pot belly above his member.

She started introducing herself to him. I know you. You are Sree Lakshmi, right? Susan always talked about you when ever we talk through the phone. I am George; Sree Lakshmi felt that his eyes were on his breast and curves while talking with her. She blushed oooh ya. Susan chechi (chechi - addressing older woman with respect) always talk about you. Does she? I don’t believe, why don’t he believe, think Sree Lakshmi.
Any way, she didn’t want to engage in conversation. So she excused herself and left to her room in the upstairs.

She didn’t intend to go down stairs for dinner. But, Susan came and called her for dinner. So she had to go. She could not find much intimacy between them during the stay of George, Susan was also busy. She or her husband was always out of house. Sree Lakshmi didn’t know why.
Some times, some men came in house but they never tried to talk to her and but she has a strange female feeling that they had come to see her. Sree Lakshmi became very close to Chirutha during this period as Susan was busy and George around, she found friendship with stout, black

Chirutha. Chirutha always came in her room and talked about her family, son, brother, and gossiping about the village folks. Sree Lakshmi found her interesting and she noticed that unlike Susan, Chirutha had never led their talking in to sex. She started liking that ugly low caste woman. She felt very sorry for her when she heard about her dead husband. How they led a happy life for two years. Chirutha started weeping. Sree Lakshmi felt miserable for her as she imagined how miserable her life would have been without Mukundan.

Chirutha told that she did not even think about having sex with other man even after her husband’s death long before. Sree Lakshmi felt very sad hearing that; oooh you are so nice, I have been thinking ill about you in all these months. Actually you are a noble woman. When many women go for other man for sexual pleasure even when their husband lives, you lived for your son. Feeling sorry for Chirutha’s situation, Sree Lakshmi went near her and tried to console her but Chirutha continue weeping as Sree Lakshmi was patting on the shoulders, Chirutha leaned on Sree Lakshmi and rested her head on the chest of Sree Lakshmi.

Diary of Sree Lakshmi.
I felt really sorry for Chirutha. Oh, God! How she would have been felt without a male companion to support. I continue patting on the back of Chirutha. I felt some warmthness upon my breast.I look down and saw breast part of my night gown became wet of Chirutha’s tears. Oh Cheeru relax and tried to detached myself from her but Chirutha clutched me like a leech. I stopped my effort to free and continued patting on her back. I felt more warmth and force on my breast.

I looked down. I saw two of my upper buttons of my night gown became free and Chiritha’s black lips were pressed between my cleavages. I felt her right hand on my left buttock and started squeezing my buttocks. I felt her powerful black hand squeezing my breasts through my night gown.
I caught her hand in shock. I looked into her eyes and tried to resist her move but the shade of imploring in her eyes some how stopped me from resisting. She opened all front buttons till belly with her left hand while moving her middle fingers of her right hand through my ass crack.

She suddenly parted the front of my night gown exposing my milky white breast covered in black see through lacy bra and my deep navel.
She raised her head a little and looked into my eyes and with her left hand she hold around my neck and pressured down my head. I stared at my black short fatty servant, wondering what was going on in her mind. The next moment I came to know what her intention was. Her black lips brushed against my soft rosy lips. I trembled as she kissed my full lips. She pushed her tongue into my wet mouth. I tried to resist but only for a moment.

Some thing with in me was driving me to succumb to this ugly woman. Our kiss turned more and more passionate as our tongues met and were wrestling with passion. I never felt so turned on even with my husband. Chiritha was trying to remove my gown with the other hand and she finally succeeded and my gown was lying around my legs. She cupped my breast through my bra and tried to unhook it from behind.
She took off my bra and I found Chirutha staring at my naked white breasts with blue veins passing through the white mount.

She got fascinated by its looks and took its red nipple between her black lips. She went on playing with them and I saw them hardened. My shaved pussy became swollen and wet and I am sure she could see my cunt lips which formed a big mound between my legs. She looked in to my eyes. She took me by hand and slipped into bed. She removed her blouse and dhoti in a fraction of minute. She was not wearing a bra. I wondered there might not be that sized bra in the market for that big tit. I became aghast seeing her body structure.

She was very fatty with very big black breast and heavy black buttocks. The areola in the middle of her slightly sagging breast was very big and black like hair. She even didn’t wear panties. I think that was not in her habit. Her pussy was surrounded by dirty thick pubic hair, through which I could not even see her pussy lips. She rolled me over on to my back and kissed me on my breast passionately with her ugly lips. I kissed my way down her back. She moved her hand under my panties and caressed my firm ass with both hands she slid my panties down to her knees and off.

My sweet white ass and cunt where now in full view and she rolled me over onto my stomach and caressed my firm ass. She licked her tongue over her lips and kissed my ass cheeks and runs her tongue through my ass cracks. Oh God! Some thing was blasting inside me. She kissed me on my mouth and I kissed back and our tongues met and played with each other, sucking each other. To my surprise her hand reached down between my legs.

I started to touch my wet pussy in no time she began to stroke my clit. She brought her mouth down on my honey colored body and began kissing my stomach, to my deep navel and her warm breath touching my bare skin close to my cunt. She spread me and slipped her hand down to my red rosy pussy. She slowly pushed her black dirty middle finger between my juicy cunt lips and began to rub her erect clit.

I afraid if I could get any infection from that dirty fingers. She then inserted two of her fingers deep in side my clit. I could feel my pussy juices starting to flow heavily now over her fingers. She removed her fingers from my pussy. She lay on her back and rolled me on top of her ugly body. I gasp as her arms went around my neck. I tried to squirm away, but she held me tightly.

Her hands pulled my mouth towards her unhygienic pussy. I felt a dirty smell on my nose and I tried to wriggle out form her hands. But her athletic and fatty hands were very powerful. I could not escape from her. My lips pressed on the hairy cut bushes and my lips touched her black dirty cunt lips aaahhh kiss me, mem sahib lick me mem saha, she screamed.

I some how gave her hot pussy a long, firm lick. I felt her cunt lips opening under my tongue. Her pussy juices flowed like river from her cunt. I gasped again and tried to withdraw my lips from her cunt bushes. I could not help, but drank her nectar but her strong hands kept on pressing me on her clit. She was mourning loudly of ecstasy. She again rolled me over on my back and finger fucks me.

I was in heaven. Chirutha was really a master. She then came between my legs and buried her tongue deeper in my pussy. Her tongue is so long and thick! She probed my pussy with her long, thick, and talented tongue .I felt a shudder again. My body stiffened as my juices flawed in to her mouth. My hip jerked several times as she drank deeply of my nectar. Finally, I relaxed with a deep shudder, with my body going totally limp.

Retold by author:
After that incident, Sree Lakshmi felt ugly about herself. She imagined her body also became black and dirty with the body contact with an ugly black woman. How on earth could led her to have sexual intercourse with a low caste ‘Pulaya’ middle aged ugly woman. She bathed again and again using dozens of bathing soaps. He remembered with distaste how Chirutha’s ugly black middle finger pierced her vagina

How she made her suck off the salty distaste juice from the cunt of Chirutha. How her red lips kissed the black lips and cunt of Chirutha. How their saliva intermingled. how her white naked body embraced an ugly black body of a low caste woman. How forcefully Chirutha suck her white boobs and red cunt lips. He could not believe herself when she remembered that she even once sucked those dirty black fingers of unhygienic legs.

Oh my god! What have I done, what any ugly woman I became with an ugly woman like her not even bath properly ooooh what I have done. How can I enter the temple tomorrow with this bad body ooooh what nasty creature I am, she did not go to the bank that day. She felt dirty. Chirutha came twice or thrice in her room, but she didn’t talk to her. She just lay down on the bed what happened Mem sahab, are you tired?

Do you need some thing? Nothing, just leave me, Sree Lakshmi uttered with tears in her eyes Chirutha watched her intensely for some time and left. Next day was Saturday. She went to Bank and from there went to her husband and kid. She distanced herself from her husband when he advanced to her in bed room. She felt dirty afraid her husband would find out the nasty smell of the black dirty woman, radiating from her body.
I will give myself in the next week to him, when I felt some more relaxed and clean.

She set off to bank in early morning on Monday. She was in the bus when her mobile rang. She looked at the screen. It was Susan can you take leave today, Sree Lakshmi? I am depressed. George does not care me. I want to talk to you. I want to share my feelings, Sree Lakshmi I can’t not take leave today Chechi. Auditors will come today to check my section. I can not take leave today.

I will try to come early if situation allows ok, try to come early, bye. She hangs up and she tried to behave normally. She could not go earlier to Susan as promised, because auditors pointed out some discrepancy and Sree Lakshmi had to work overtime to correct it. Chirutha didn’t come near her nor did she go to her. She talked with Susan and George during dinner and left early for bed. She switched off the lights and soon fell in deep sleep in total darkness.

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