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Entrapment of a Married Woman p01

It was her first day at the bank. Sree Lakshmi was transferred in this remote village branch last month. But as she was not actually in favor of this transfer, she desperately tried to cancel the transfer order by some political channeling. Earlier, she was in the town branch where her husband Mukundan also working. Mukundan is working as a clerk in Railway. They have been married for 9 years and led a very happy life with their one beautiful boy Siddarth aged 7 years.

They have a rented flat in the suburb of the city and Suddarth was studying in 2nd standard in a reputed school. The transfer order fall like a thunderbolt upon their happy life. Their married life was really happy, both sexually and emotionally. Both loved each other very much. They were planning to have a second child. Sree Lakshmi took one month leave soon after receiving the order, hoping the order.

I could be revoked by some means of influence but every effort went in vain. At last, she decided to travel about 150 kms to the remote village where the bank situated. Sree Lakshmi is a 28 years old with a voluptuous figure of 36C-28-37 and she has long straight hair which cover all her buttocks when leave free which she always does. Everybody admire her hair. She prefers to wear Sari / salwar kameej.

Saree is a perfect garment for her, as it perfectly fit in her body and shows her beautiful structure. She has a white, whitish skin, nice round ass and big tits. In nut shell she looks like a simple, conservative perfect, curvy malyalee, nair house wife. Sree Lakshmi was looking after the Draft section. As her was the first day in the bank, the manager gave her an easier section to look after till she get well versed with the bank.

Residence is no more a major problem for her as her husband arranged a working women hostel about 15 kms away from her bank. It was not an excellent accommodation as the place was very dirty and the room was very small. It doesn’t have an attached bath room. There is a common bathroom for every six occupants in the hostel. Mukundan unwillingly let her reside in it as he could not find any better accommodation nearby.

Sree Lakshmi was very sad leaving her husband and child. She never left her child even for a day after his birth. Both husband and wife engaged in serious discussion about it and they decided that Sree Lakshmi would come back to their home in every weekend. Sree Lakshmi was thinking about her kid and husband as there was no customer with her to deal with. She was thinking about her upcoming weekend and how she would spend her time with her family.

Her eyes became watery when thinking about the kid. She afraid of how Mukundan would manage the naughty kid and his schooling excuse me mam. I want to make a draft. Sree Lakshmi raised her head to see a middle aged woman of about 48 standing in front of her desk. She has a little fat body but not ugly. The specs which she put on really suit her white face. Her shoulder length hair were shampooed and kept loose.

The golden chain around her neck is attached with a small ‘holy cross. Sree Lakshmi imagined that the lady in front of her in black trouser and cream long blouse would have been a beautiful girl in her youth. Please fill up this form” Sree Lakshmi handed over an application form to the woman. So, you have come in place of Leena” the woman asked.

Sree Lakshmi thought for a moment. Who is Leena? Then she remembered, Oh, she has been transferred to some other branch, I came as her reliever. I was not in station for a fortnight. I could not see her off. Anyway, I am Susan George, Sree Lakshmi felt very warmth about the woman. Her body language and way of talking were very charming. She talks as if they are old friends.

I am Sree Lakshmi Nair, They engaged in friendly conversation while Sree Lakshmi was preparing the draft. The more she speak to Susan, the more closeness she felt. what a good natured lady, Sree Lakshmi thought. Where are you staying? Your home is far away from here, right? I asked Susan in a women’s Hostel at Vellanikavu, I know that hostel but that is not a good one, but you had no other option.

I fear exactly we didn’t have. We can’t expect much better facility in that small town, Sree Lakshmi felt happier, talking to this woman as there is no other customer in the bank, they could continue speaking without any interruption. I would you mind living in a better place, I asked Susan where can I get? We searched a lot and settled in the best. I know a better place and you don’t need to pay a handsome rent, where is it”? Sree Lakshmi wondered

It is at my home. I have a two floored house. If you want, you can live with me as a paying guest. I felt bored in that big house with nobody, except my servant. Moreover, it is only fifteen minutes walk-able distance from this banking where’s your husband? He is always busy with his business and is always on tour. He stays only 8 to 10 days in a month. My daughter is married and is staying with her husband in States.

You can use upper floor exclusively when he is at home. Sree Lakshmi felt it is a good offer. You don’t need to rush in a heavily packed bus in the morning and evening. I will think over it. I want to talk with my husband and let you know, Ok, that’s great. At least I will get a companion to speak with, if you shifted with me. When Leena was there, we lived just like sisters.

I was Leena staying with you!? Ya, we enjoyed a lot together, Susan left after some more chat. She comes almost daily in the bank with some purpose. Sree Lakshmi enquired the other staff about her. She came to know that Susan is one of the main customers of the Bank. She has Lakhs of rupees fixed in the branch and lot of money is being transacted from her saving account which is also having lakhs of money.

Everybody opined her as a good lady, and Sree Lakshmi should snatch the chance of accommodation. On Saturday, after banking hours, Sree Lakshmi set off to her home in town. She felt very happy seeing her husband and kid. She discussed about the paying guest offer with Mukundan soon after his collapse on her naked body after a marathon fucking session.

He also felt the offer is good, and he felt Susan must have been a good woman, otherwise Leena might not have been stayed there. Sree Lakshmi took early morning bus which passing through the village where her bank situated. Her body was aching because of tremendous fucking by Mukundan. They were in bed whenever they got a chance. Her sore pussy still wanted more. But she had to wait for another six days for that glory pleasure.

She even could not concentrate while sitting in the bank. Living apart is really sorrowful Susan did not turned up in the next two days. On Wednesday, she came and asked about her husband’s opinion. She seemed to be the happiest when she heard about Sree Lakshmi’s decision. Susan told Sree Lakshmi that she may shift to her home today itself. She offered her car to shift her luggage from the hostel.

On that day, Sree Lakshmi shifted to Susan’s home as a paying guest. Susan’s bungalow Pulickatharayil, I was really a big house. It was constructed in the middle of a 5 acre rubber estate. It will take about five to seven minutes on legs to reach there from main road. There is a big garden in front of the house. And there is no immediate neighborhood also. There always felt chillness inside the house because of the surrounding greenery.

It was really a secluded house. Now Sree Lakshmi understood how horrible Susan might have felt living in this house with no companion. Susan’s servant ‘Chirutha’ received her kochhamma (Mem Sahab) and new lady with coffee. Chirutha is a black, middle aged lady of 35 years of age. The only white part of her body was her eye ball. Even her nails were slightly dark. Her stout look and muscular body made her look like a boxer with an arrogant behaviour.

Sree Lakshmi did not like Chirutha. Sree Lakshmi assessed that chirutha must be a ‘Pulaya’(low caste) woman and she does not like living with such a woman. She is coming from a conservative nair family and her family does not even allow such low caste people to enter in her home, forget about working in the kitchen. But Sree Lakshmi pacify herself, thinking that she has no business with Susan’s servant.

Moreover, it is not humane thinking about the caste and color in this century. Sree Lakshmi settled down very fast in that big house. She has her room in the upper floor as offered by Susan. But in most of the time, she would be with Susan in the ground floor chit- chatting and watching television, every morning, she would go to the nearby temple and she watched intensely on the evening prayers offered by Susan. Some time they teamed up with Chirutha in kitchen.

By constant mingling with the black servant she even started liking her. But in some corner of her heart, she felt some hatred towards the low caste servant. From her talking, Sree Lakshmi understood that Chirutha is a low caste ‘Pulayathi’ widow. Her marriage was at her 23rd and her husband died two years after marriage after having their only baby boy. Her elder brother with family and mother lives in the same village. They also come in the bungalow to do outside work, if any.

When Susan goes out of station, Chirutha goes to her brother and lives with them, otherwise she never leave the bungalow. Her son comes daily after school in the Bungalow to meet his mother. His name was ‘Supran’ and is studying in 4th standard in the language medium school in the locality. He is also very black like his mother but has some cuteness and innocence in his 10 year old face.

Sree Lakshmi felt some strange feeling that whenever Chirutha looks at her, she has some strange smile in her face, as if ‘I know who you are going to be’. Susan really was a good companion. They chatted like old friends, in spite of their age difference. Sometimes, even their afternoon chatting after the working hours, leads in to sexual matters. Susan disclosed that her sex life is not so good, as her husband ‘George’ comes very rarely.

Sree Lakshmi replied that her sexual life was very excellent and their life was very happy with their kid. They talked about their old college days. Susan once said about her sexual encounter with one of her lecturers at college. She told that she is very much frustrated about her husband’s absence, she might go for other man. But as a conservative wife, Sree Lakshmi could not go along with the idea of extra marital affairs.

She tried to distance herself from such sexual conversation. But somehow, Susan often led the conversation into sexual affairs, extramarital affairs etc. One day Susan told her about a sexual affair with a college boy to satisfy herself as George is incapable of satisfying her strong sexual urge. Sree Lakshmi could not believe her ears. As a conservative wife she could not support the views of Susan.

Susan told her that she has only one life and there is no point in abstain from the sexual pleasures even if it is from other man. She explained that every man is sexually different. Every man treats different. If you intercourse with many man, you will get different, excellent types of pleasures. She then advised Sree Lakshmi to find a new man to have sex and feel the difference.

If Sree Lakshmi likes,she even can share her college friend. At that point, Sree Lakshmi became very much disturbed. She retorted not to talk to her like that. I will never, never cheat my husband and I don’t like talking to you. I will leave your place if you talk like that again Ok, baba sorry I thought as we were like friends, I can disclose my heart. I have no intimate friends.

When I first saw you, I thought, I found my intimate friend who died in an accident. I am sorry Sree Lakshmi, don’t leave me.. I don’t have any one to share my feelings even my husband don’t love and understand me. I thought you could understand me’ She started sobbing heavily, Sree Lakshmi felt very sad for her. She imagined how lonely Susan would have before her arrival in this house.

No body to talk to and confide the secret feelings a woman must have a good friend to talk to, I should not have talked to her like that, I am sorry Susan chechhi, I will not leave you. I know how lonely you felt I am sorry, Susan stopped weeping and embraced Sree Lakshmi. But even after incident Susan would lead their conversation to sex and Sree Lakshmi did not object afterwards as it may hurt Susan.

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